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Blasted jeans death for textile workers

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Here is a bit of proof that regular jeans really is BAD!

H&M and Levi’s to shelve stonewashed jeans

Två stora jeansförsäljare, internationella Levi Strauss och svenska H&M avstår från att sälja sandblästrade jeans. Orsaken är att arbetet med att sandblästra jeans är livsfarligt, rapporterar Huvudstadsbladet.

Överläkare slår larm efter två fall i Turkiet

Time 4 produktion

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Now it´s time to start up the poject for real! Sofia and Emelie are both in stockholm for the first time i a couple of years, which means that we have time and opportunity to start designing and finding producers. We promise to keep you updated! If you want to you can send us an email & we´ll give you first hand information about when and where you can find the jeans!


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GUARO jeans ställde ut på EcoNow mässan i Münchenbryggeriet 2-4e september. Mässan var tyvärr lite segstartad men vi fick en massa nya vänner inom Ecobranchen & en hel del positiv respons!

Vill du läsa lite mer om oss på mässan kolla in dessa bloggar;


Ekostil (här kommer även en längre intervju med oss senare)


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“Jeans are more than a piece of fashion, it´s a piece of your everyday life. Few people know how bad modern jeans are; they are toxic not only for the environment but also for the consumer!
Our goal is to combine fashion with ecology and create biodegradable jeans.”

Guaro at Stockholm Fashionweek 17/2-2010

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Buy tickets to see GUARO JEANS at Stockholm Fashionweek

Why GUARO jeans?

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Today, jeans come in many styles and colors. However, "blue jeans" are particularly popular; the American population spent more than $14 billion on jeans in 2004. Initially, jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers, especially in the factories during World War II. After James Dean popularized them in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause” wearing blue jeans became symbolic of mild protest against conformity during the 1950s. Now you can find the blue jeans worn by every age group and social sector all over the world.

The goal of this jeans concept is to create a collection of jeans for the 21st century! We looked at the values of today and redesigned the classic trousers to fit today's values of fashion and ecological thinking. To achieve this we reduced the mixing of materials and replaced unsustainable details, such as designed zipper and toxic bleaching processes. We looked into the use of coloring and dyes, and developed new innovations such as the screen printed label. This makes our jeans suitable for recycling, and when the jeans are completely worn out, you can remove the buttons and they will biodegrade in the earth!